Saturday, March 11, 2006

Post-Concert Fun

The concert I played at Waltz last night went fine, and it was especially satisfying to play the very early keyboard music for a new audience. A pleasant surprise was meeting Tom and Abby, who are readers of this blog, after the concert! It's so nice to meet the readers, I must say. Totally fun. Thanks for coming to the concert, you two! I hope to see you at more concerts.

P.S. The desserts at Waltz are super tasty - you should really try them sometime. Jen, and Erik, it was great to see you, too! What a treat to have both old and new friends at these performances.


Anonymous said...

Meg C!

What a surprise and an honor to appear on your blog. It was so nice to meet you too! We had such a lovely time at Waltz, and greatly enjoyed your harpsichord playing.

We look forward to seeing you around Astoria, and keeping in touch!

Abby & Tom

Anonymous said...


As always it is an Honor for us to have you play at our little venue.
Waltz was created for people like you and the warm crowd that comes to hear what you do. We loved hearing both Beth and Yourself.

Please come back soon

Bill & Song@ Waltz

megc said...

Hey Abby and Tom, I hope we run into each other sometime soon, too. You've got me contact info!

Bill and Song, your space is so nice, and is really one of my favorites to play in. I was just telling someone how nice it is to perform there. I wrote a little more about the concert here . I hope to be back, maybe in the Summer! In the meantime, I will come to some other events (hoping to see my downstairs neighbor Matthias Bubblath play there) and eat some of that delicious black and white cake!