Thursday, March 23, 2006

Weekend Edition 24.03.06

It really is spring... i don't lie, April showers are getting a head start this weekend!

If pigging out this winter has got you down stay tuned for the newest season of our beloved local Hell Gate CSA for your fill on fresh veggies-its about to start (June-Sept.). A little birdie told me that this year we will have tomato, flour, and honey in there with the usual yummy veggies...AND the new distribution point will be the ever popular Freeze Peach, hooray!

Leave work on Friday and go get your girl time going at Athena's Nails at 31-11 30th Ave. $20 gets you a kick butt mani/pedi. Whats the big deal you ask? They are so well stocked with workers that the girls who are waiting on clients come around and give you lovely, LOVELY massages. Not a full on one, but if they see you sitting for too long, they just sidle on over and give you about a 5 minute rubdown to get the blood going! I've been going there for years and really do love the place. The staff is sweet and attentive and the place is pretty meticulous with their tools and cleanliness. Went last night and got my spring flower fix in (well in hopes of spring anyway)

On my way home from my nail appointment, i saw that Astoria Billiards- 30th Ave between 35 & 36 Street was closed by the city. Hmmmm, it had one of those orange signs out front. Let's keep this one on the radar and see what gives.

This Saturday the new show FLUXBOX opens at the Flux Factory. Apparently the building will be transformed into a giant music box...artsy enough for ya? I think they call this stuff "sound sculpture", well whatever it is-its indoors (rain remember?)

The Albatross Bar is advertising their Sunday nights as Pub Night- all about Darts, Pool and even Chess! This may be just the right way to end the weekend and get ready for the work week. They are also hosting an open mic night during the week with the clever name Loose Lips. I think this is a really good thing that the local spots are starting these nights, we don't have enough comedy/writing/expression type events.

Next Tuesday, or any Tuesday for that matter- hit up some Tai Chi! Go for it at 2pm at the Broadway Library (40-20 Broadway, 718-721-2462) get the stress out. Did i mention it was free? Can't ask for more, free workouts!
On your way home from there, scoot on down to Politos Pizza on Broadway off Steinway and destroy your diet with one of their loaded slices. Last night was a "what the heck" kinda night at my house, as you can see $15 will buy you a ton of pie. Oh and the mushrooms...cheese...oozing all over the place. If you are eating an individual slice there, they top it a mile high for an even better bang for your buck!



Laura said...

flooz - thanks for the great early notice about Hell Gate CSA! Just one little detail so people know -- it's going to be a flower share, not a flour share. Pretty, not bread. ;)

Unknown said...

HAHAHA! sorry-i'm a bit tardy today...noted.

Anonymous said...

Athena's is the best! It's the only place I'll go.

megc said...

Although a "flour share" of freshly milled flour would be kinda cool!

Anonymous said...

Athena nails is a nice place. I would go there more often but for their pressure to upgrade every service you get. One really busy Saturday I didn't want to wait so I wandered a little further past them on the other side of 31st street and found Eve nails which is also very nice inside and no pressure to upgrade your service. (Plus the backrubs! yay!) A customer told me Eve nails and Athena nails have the same owner. So it's another nice option.

Unknown said...

yep, same peeps at both. If you see them getting phone calls and scurrying out its because the other shop got busy and they need help. I know what you mean about the constant nagging to add on stuff, but i'm just so used to just saying nope, no thanks, nu uh, not today, dont want it...etc. you get the drift! hahaha

Anonymous said...

I love pizza and craving for this! thanks dude for sharing.

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