Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chimes? Delightful!

This weekend, my notorious never-ending sweet tooth was in high gear, and I was craving everything from chocolate to bubblegum. One thing I picked up was this lovely tin of peppermint-ginger chews made by a company called Chimes. They are from Indonesia. They come in a super cool looking metal tin (I'll admit, I was sucked into buying them partially because of the awesome retro-y tin) and are individually wrapped. I love the wonderful balance of peppermint and ginger -- basically a candied ginger taste with peppermint background hints. And they are chewy!! I love, love, LOVE chewy things -- caramels, gummi, you name it. There's no corn syrup in these candies, which makes me happy, too. According to the website, they have regular ginger and also peanut butter-ginger flavors, along with the peppermint-ginger.

Now, where did I find these candies? Well, at my neighborhood natural foods store, Fresh Start, which is on the north side of 23rd Avenue between 31st Street and 29th Street. I like going there also to buy tempeh, frozen blueberries, and organic juices, to name a few. Their seitan sandwich is also very good. The staff is very friendly and listens to suggestions about stocking certain items you might desire. Defintely check them out!


Zora said...

Whoa--things really are changing up at Ditmars! I had no idea there was a health food store up there now. Those chews sound excellent.

megc said...

Yes, changing, but not at breakneck speed. And not everything is sticking. The pilates studio couldn't make it. I think that's telling. A new Thai place opened, too, in the place of an old takeout Chinese place, called Bankok Tasty. I hear the food is, well, tasty! We'll see if they last.

I like the newer stuff, like the natural foods store, but love the old stuff too, like Rose & Joe's bakery, or La Guli. Mmm...gelato. So far, I've found the neighborhood to have a nice balance of new and old independent businesses. Some of the chains, well....ick.