Monday, December 11, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 15.12.06

Friday break out the soofganiot and grab a match, Happy Hanukkah to all!

Not doing the holiday thing? Languages and culture a topic of conversation? Well, it will be on Friday at a Multi Culti Meetup. Apparently, there is a weekly meeting of the minds at Mike’s Diner (22-37 31st St) at 6 p.m. Go talk, meet new people…get out a little!

Saturday use your time wisely and FINISH your shopping! Do yourself a favor and when you get to the end of Steinway (near Astoria Blvd.) or the end of your shopping, go grab a bite at Kabab Cafe. Ali’s got new dishes on the menu (well the menu in his head, just ask him for the specials or anything new.)

Sunday continue to celebrate the festival of lights at “The Light of a Hundred Menorahs” - A Gala Chanukah Celebration and Meal. Goodies and kosher yummies for all! ($20/person, 718-278-2680).

Or party in a different way with beer and music LIVE from the Sparrow (24-01 29th St), one of my new fav bars to chill. The rumors are true: sooner than later the kitchen will be open for all your beer-induced cravings!

Single and looking to mingle? Monday after work swing by The Cave around 7 p.m. for half-price cocktails and drink specials all night to help you ease into the madness of the dating scene.

I know its hard with Steinway blaring the holiday tuneage, but stay sane my neighbors, the madness is almost over!

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