Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Can Someone Tell Me?

What "Pre-Finished Units" are?

I saw this sign on the Eagle Electric building/now condos (codos? or co-ops? or apartments? bah.) while I was running down by Astoria Park. Does this mean you buy a "fixer upper" of sorts? I hear the units are shoddily built, but I'd like to take a look-see myself. Not that I could afford to buy, mind you, but I have fond memories of looking at model homes as a teenager with my mom and brother. Maybe it's wierd, but it sure was fun to see brand spankin' new homes, sometimes with tasteful decorating and sometimes with laughable decorating.

Anyway, what is up with this "pre-finished" business????

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I was thinking that "men at work" or "construction ahead" had been outdated by a new term; "road pre-finished."