Thursday, December 28, 2006

Party like its 2007!

Staying close to home this year? Well Astoria has a few "cover-less" parties in the works. I think a party for every taste will be available without getting on the train or wrecking your wallet this weekend, here's what i found for you all:

Hell Gate Social
12-21 Astoria Blvd (between 14th & 12th Street)
Doors open @9:00pm
Highlights of the night (imho) No Cover, multiple DJ's and live performances, 2:30am- White Castle for everyone PLUS the guys will be serving alcohol til 8am!!! Happy new year indeed :)

34-27 28th Avenue (at 35th Street)
Love the No Cover!
Its not a gala event or anything but definitely on the loungey tip. Champagne toast at midnight with a dj spinning all night. Party favors everwhere and drinky til 4am after which they will stay open and switch to the non alcoholic beverages ie: redbull- it gives you wings!

Kabala Lounge
24-01 36th Avenue
The neighborhood's newest fancy NYC VIP style joint. I really have no comment on it since i have never been and its just a bit odd to me, but i figure to each his own and you all should have the 411 on all the haps.
Entry is free til midnight- after will be $25 for general adm. They have all kinds of prices for different groups and bar plans so check them out if thats your thing. They've also got the only "after party" that i've heard of going on. $25 from 8am to 1pm.

Mezzo Mezzo
31-29 Ditmars Blvd.
So far the priciest, but its got alot going on!
Get in there at 9:30pm and stay til 2:30am. For your $85, you'll get a full 5 course surf-n-turf dinner, wine, champagne toast, a live middle eaastern ensemble all night with live bellydancers. If this fits the bill, call now for reservations or email: for more info.

Whatever you do or wherever you end up, please have a super happy and safe New Year!
Come back next year for more on all the goodies in Astoria :)

-now go and make your plans!

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