Friday, December 29, 2006

Astorian Year End Edition 2006

Seeing as how this weekend can basically be described as “PARTY,” we here at JIA thought it would be great to sum up our past year. There is no real rhyme or reason to it at all, just the years notables… good and bad! I’m sure in here you will find SOMETHING to do or try this weekend. Have a blast whatever it is!

Here you have it, JIA's Tops of 2006
  • Yummiest Condiment: Pebre from San Antonio.
  • Tastiest Conversation: Anything with Ali at Kabab Cafe.
  • The best way to stay active in the community: Biking and boating around with the guys over at the Waterfront Group.
  • Best far: beer and pool to boot, McCann's
  • Best way to pamper your toesies: Give the ladies over at Athena's a couple of hours and you'll leave a happy girl
  • Revamped Bar: From Tupelo to Sparrow , that birdie sings sweet sweet music in the form of a great beer selection
  • Most pointless renovation: Avenue Cafe ...
  • Best sandwich competition: Sal, Chris & Charlie's vs. Sorisso's
  • Biggest blown out of proportion blog entry: Why does the world have such an issue with my opinion on the Beer Garden ? Geesh!
  • Most notable food out of a truck: El Rey Del Taco - can't go wrong with anything on the menu
  • Summer's worst: The neverending Blackout and the Astoria Pool Melee
  • Best food filled guest blogger: Your foodie friend and mine, Annie in the Supermarket-lost as always
  • Well needed french addition to the hood: Le Petit Prince of course
  • NOT needed french loss in the hood: Le Sans Souci closed before i ever got to try out french yumms :(
  • Best fishy surprise: the $16.99 all you can eat of fresh sushi at Ginza
  • The place to see giant artistic objects: Socrates Sculpture Park. Happy 20th birthday!
  • Ugliest Renovation: The Eagle Electric Plant near Astoria Park. WTF?
  • Best source of fresh organic vegetables: Hellgate CSA
  • Most consistently unreliable promise: Shiny new, robot-enhanced N trains...still haven't seen one.
  • Best place practice your foodie speak in Spanish: Original Mexican Food Deli. And don't forget the sub-$2 tamales!
  • Best factory tour of a world famous cultural icon: Steinway Piano Factory. It's also been rated one of the top 5 factory tours in the country.
  • Best bottled beer selection (not in a bar): Heliopolis Deli. They also sell a spicy feta-sundried tomato concoction that is unbelievably delicious.
  • Wierdest burger preparation: Jackson Hole Diner. Steamed burgers? Why, I do not know.
  • Creepiest epidemic: Bedbugs. Totally gross.
  • Tastiest addiction: Sabra Hummus, made in Astoria. It's the new crack! Toss in some Astoria Pita and who needs to leave home?!?!
Stay tuned for 2007's adventures in the hood :) Happiest of Happy's to all our neighbors and friends and thank you so much for making this year here at Joey in Astoria a great one!


Reggie Hemingway said...

You know, the burgers at White Castle are technically steamed. I don't really know why, though.

Annie said...

Yay I mean the year end list! And while I cannot attest to my guest-blogging being as addictive as Sabra (mmm the pine nut variety is GREAT), it sure is cheap like crack! I mean... um yeah. Happy 2007, JIA!

Darla said...

hey, new reader :) thanks for the neighborhood tips!