Monday, December 18, 2006

A Delicious Discovery

When I was at Freeze Peach last night, playing my little heart out for a few hours (I trucked my harpsichord down to the cafe via my new hot handtruck), I discovered they had new sandwiches available! One is vegan - spicy tofu, and one is vegetarian - veggie chicken salad. I had a taste of the vegan one, and I proclaim it to be...delicious! The vegetarian (not vegan because of the egg whites) chicken salad is tasty as well. They wrap the fillings in a napa cabbage leaf before slapping it between two slices of organic multigrain bread, so the bread doesn't get all soggy and gross. Nice! These sandwiches are made by a company called "Earthly Eats", based out of Ridgewood, NY. They are kosher as well. So, next time you're by the cafe, check them out! Sandwiches are $3.75, by the way, a pretty good deal as sandwiches go.

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rufusQstripe said...

Nice site - I'm a reporter and would like to talk with you (joey) about some stories. pls email me at agoldmark at wnyc dot org
thanks alex