Saturday, December 02, 2006

More About Parks

Well, today I made it over to the Goodwill Triangle/Two Coves Garden for a couple hours and helped with the beautification project there. Instead of planting daffodil bulbs, we ended up planting some bushes and shrubs, as the daffodils arrived later in the day, just as I had to leave. But it was great to help with the planting and so nice to work with the other volunteers. If I can, I'll post some pictures of the progress we made. The space is going to be really nice when it's done. It's already much nicer than it was, from what Gail told me, it having been a dumping ground for local garbage and other miscellaneous crap. I'm really glad that it's being improved and it will be a wonderful open space for the community in far western Astoria.

Next parks-related gathering is Monday at 6pm. There will be an informal meeting regarding Astoria Park, an opportunity to share ideas about Astoria Park and most likely community stewardship of the park, which is truly a jewel here in Astoria. From the email I received:
I've had contact with most or all of you on this e-mail because of your interest in Astoria Park! Since there are many of you interested in different areas of the park, I would like to invite you to all meet each other, share your different expertise and perhaps think about collaborating forces to form a larger Astoria Park umbrella group.

The meeting will be held at Waltz-Astoria, which is on Ditmars between 23rd and 24th Streets. I think it will be a nice place to meet. I'm planning on being there, and I hope to see many of you there as well!

And for those who are interested, there's a holiday party following the meeting at the Greater Astoria Historical Society. Party is at 7pm. Details:
Kevin Walsh will discuss his book and web site Forgotten New York, and there will be Christmas music and refreshments.
Please join us and support your local historical society!

The GAHS is at 35-20 Broadway, in the Quinn Bldg., 4th Floor.

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