Monday, March 19, 2007

Jolt into Spring

All day Wednesday, March 21st celebrate the first day of spring with FREE coffee. Dunkin' Donuts is offering their first ever Free Iced Coffee Day. All day long, stop into any of these local locations and get yourself a free 16-ounce iced coffee. This goes for their flavored coffees too! I know you're all aflutter and whatnot... but its still cold out :( WIll that hinder your craving? Not mine!

•4322 Ditmars Blvd • 2524 Broadway • 3114 Ditmars Blvd • 3043 STEINWAY ST • 3117 30TH AVE • 4307 Astoria Blvd • 31st. St. • 3401 Broadway


Zora said...

In fact, it's not the first ever. I distinctly remember a day about four years ago, when I was on super deadline and hadn't left the house in days. I finally decided I would take a small break and go get an iced coffee...and lo, DD was handing them out free! I have no idea if it has kept up the tradition over the years, but I'm glad to see it's here again!

Unknown said...

I think fast food should be *paying us* to eat it.

Unknown said...

oh darnies, they said first ever! since i don't go there much at all - i never saw it before myself. ah well, i guess free is free :)

Anonymous said...

Free coffe and donts is perfect for breakfast.

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