Friday, March 16, 2007

RightRides hits the nabe!!!

You may have heard of this awesome program before- RightRides provides free transportation home for women, trans people and gender queer individuals. Well, now my lucky friends, they have oh so kindly entered our borough and landed right smack in the middle of where we need it! So far they cover 36th Ave. at the north to Queens Plaza East/31st and 28th Street at the east (i'm not exactly sure how that works out though- need to put in a phone call). Zipcar has kindly donated 3 vehicles for the volunteers to get people moving. RightRides is currently available every Saturday night from Midnight - 3 AM late night Saturdays (aka early Sunday morning) and the Dispatch number, should you need to call for a ride home is (718) 964-7781.

Get all the details on their site. Volunteer to drive around for the night or tag along with another driver. You never know, you might just need these peeps in your corner one night. I'm probably going to look into volunteering myself a few nights, i'm just a social freak so getting new people to talk to randomly on a Saturday night sounds like fun! And its a good thing :)


Anonymous said...

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Thank you for helping keep our community safe.

Unknown said...

thanks erin, i'm on it!