Monday, March 19, 2007

Some Updating

It seems like we always come across new and upcoming things right before they open or right when they open and haven't had a chance yet to check them out. So i thought it would be cool to take a look back at some of the "look out for..." and "coming soon..." posts we started.

• Netteria- saw it still with the paper over the windows back in January. Stopped in to the brand spankin new joint and grabbed a menu this afternoon. I can't say it looks all that promising since the lady behind the counter informed me that the prices are going to be going down a bit. Not the best location for a poor little cafe that could! It didn't look all that bad either. I'll be scanning the menu in tomorrow and will post a link here for the hungry masses.

*edited to add the menu for Netteria

• Megaro
- i'm updating just for the sake of updating since the place hasn't looked open to me yet! I'm not sure if it has weird hours, or if they opened then closed in a blink of an eye or what- but the place definitley has not looked like its been up and in business since i saw it in January.

• T&H Mini Market
- back in August i told you they had some cool random Asian snacks in the little market, well today i walked by and it was shuttered. 6:30pm on a monday night? Weird. Will keep an eye on it and see if it was just a fluke or if the poor folks are outtie.

• Wassi
- well what can i tell you about this joint? We first told you about it way back in July. Then in January we saw that they closed. Then oh joy, last month- they were to open up as World News Cafe... I don't think that ever happened! So now as of last weeks weekend edition- we have Tell Astorya- a NEWer cafe in the spot. I passed it today and it is in fact open!

My mind is a blank for some of the other spots i should be revisiting. do you have any you can think of that were left up in the air? let me know and i'll set to investigating!

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