Monday, March 16, 2009

Vikingo's Mystery Solved... In Part

Got an email from a reader who knows what up with Vikingo's Dungeon! Enter, Heavy Metal:
My friends and I would like to tell you about the first Heavy Metal Mondays on Fridays at Vikingo's Dungeon. We know that everybody wonders what Vikingo's Dungeon actually is and so we decided to make the place what we wanted. After talking to the owners they decided to give us Friday evenings between 6 and 10 (late enough for after work and early enough not to mess with your plans for the night). There are 2 for 1 beers til 9PM and a playlist of your favorite metal songs courtesy of Ala Muerte. So if things go well my friends and I are hoping to make HMMoF at Vikingo's a regular Astoria event. Please come down this Friday and enjoy our festivities. Thanks.

The Heavy Metal Mondays on Friday Crew

If you go, you must let us know what you think!

Photo credit: (c) Susan Vasconcelos


Unknown said...

This looks like something we could use in this neighborhood. Cheap drinks and metal. I AM THERE!

Whateves said...

Went last night. Great music and people. Will be there next Friday!

Ms. Bibiloni said...

The next metal night at Vikingo's will be on FRIDAY APRIL 17TH. Sorry for any confusion, but, we've decided to do this the 3rd friday of every month. If you have any music requests you can send them to me at

Big props to the Joeys for including this in their blog!