Saturday, December 17, 2005

Loungey-lounge Type Operations

There is something appealing about a place where you can get a cocktail in a dark place with velvety couches and low tables. The loungey-lounge kind of operation. The place where you don't know if you're sitting next to a celebrity and you're extra-sexy. (Possibly because no one can really see you.) Often there's a few snacks available and some well-dressed Euro-types about. There's a few of these kinds of places in Astoria that don't fall into the Greek cafe spiral and while none are perfect in my book, they're worth mentioning.

Lounge 32 opened a few years ago on Broadway and 32nd Street - hence the name. It's all of the above, the problem is that its selection is terrible and prices are a bit high and we're always the only ones in there. But I imagine that this place might be busy late at night. I'm not sure. On a summer night it's nice to sit at their outside table or near the front and people watch. They also have live music on occasion.

Rapture is on 28th Av near 34th (?) Street and seems to have more allure. A larger and more creative selection and at least a hypothetical local film series. I also find it more comfortable and have found the bar staff and regulars very friendly. I find the physical atmosphere a bit of oppressive, but that's just me. Rapture seems to have a cult following.

Crescent Lounge may fall into this category as well. I just can't stand that they don't have any taps. But they're a martini joint and if you like martinis, you're in luck. Crescent Lounge also has the reputation for being gay-friendly which is good. I'd hope that all the places around here are gay-friendly, but it's always good to have a reliable hangout.


Karima said...

what's the local film series they do? have any info on it?

Unknown said...

not really. I just know that at one time they were going to have a film series featuring local film-makers. Then I heard it didn't happen, so I really don't know.

Anonymous said...

Crescent Lounge is a martini joint??? I had the worst martini of my life there a while back. Maybe they are better now?