Thursday, December 08, 2005

ready for my closeup, Mr DeMille......

Thankyou, Joey, for the lovely introduction AND (most importantly), for the opportunity.

For those of you wondering how I managed to join Joey's highly successful Astoria Blog without even *knowing* her, well.... let me just say a little begging never hurt anyone. Actually, many of my friends have suggested for quite awhile that I get my own blog, but I just couldn't bother. Besides, plenty of people were already talking about the haps in our great hood, Ass- toria (that is my favorite pronunciation of it), and what was i going to add but mass confusion? But hey ho! Just as I saw that Joey was leaving, the idea hit me that maybe I could stake a share in her blog, just like those parasites you pick up in when traveling outside of the states! So here I am, making my way into the intestine of the Astoria Blog.

The only thing of any importance that I have to say today is that I was walking East on 25th ave 2 nights ago, after another fucking ridiculously good meal at Kebab Cafe, and I saw a house that took me back to my formative years in Phoenix, AZ. A house that was lit up like they owned the damn electric company, (as good old dad would say). And for a minute, I was transfixed. Reindeers, Santa, Jesus, Mary and Joseph- all gaudy, all lit up and twinkling, and not a menorah in sight. (sorry to all of the other religions in the little North Africa part of Steinway Street there) I suddenly was taken back to Santa Claus Lane in Phoenix; 9th Street just North of Northern Blvd, where people have been decorating and entire block like this for as long as I can remember, and somehow, Astoria seemed a little more... I don't know........midwestern.... in mindset for just a minute. After my period of reflection, I realised I was freezing and went on in my mission to drink at the Slovak Club on 21st St.

This house can be seen nightly at the corner of 44th street and 25th ave, on the NE corner. You can't miss it.


Unknown said...


I've always been curious about the house that I'm convinced is haunted - on the corner of 38th or 37th Av and 31st Street. You can see it from the train on the East side.

Unknown said...

howdy neighbor!