Friday, December 09, 2005

Astoria Weekend Edition 05.12.09

It's going to snow tonight. Snow as in white flakes that fall from the sky. Not much of it, but honestly, enough with the hipster Ugg crap. I'm so sick of those things I could puke. Anyway, regardless of your footwear, this will be a nice weekend to take a stroll down to Astoria Park. Should be pretty in white.

Well, frolic in three inches of snow you may, you'll need to thaw out a bit after that. Nothing liquor can't fix. Try a nice glass of something with vodka at Crescent Lounge. Velvet couches and all.

This weekend is as good as any to get something to eat with "hot" in the title. See "hot dogs". The best doggers in the City, in fact, on Astoria Blvd. Stay warm at Freeze Peach Cafe with some hot tea and bitchin bluegrass act Brownbird Rudy Relic, from 4-8 on Sunday.

If you've got your fill of outdoorsy snowiness, then stay in and peruse my round up of QNS bloggers. Why am I rounding them up? Cause I like snow so much I'm moving to Vermont. No kidding. But three new Queens of Astorian will be contributing to Joey in Astoria, so stay tuned. I'll be around for a couple more weeks to break them in.

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