Thursday, December 22, 2005

Astoria Weekend Edition 05.12.23

Folks, Astorians, buddies, pals,

This weekend I'm enclosing my top 28 (I had trouble narrowing it down) Astorian adventures in alphabetical order. Some I've already covered, some I haven't.
  1. Astoria Park
  2. ARROW community Garden
  3. Astoria Sports Complex Batting Cages
  4. Beer Garden
  5. Brick Cafe
  6. D&F Italian Deli
  7. Elia's Fish Corner
  8. Fatty's Cafe
  9. 5 Pointz
  10. Freeze Peach
  11. Gantry State Park
  12. Jasmin
  13. JJ's Fusion Cuisine
  14. Le Sans Souci
  15. lic bar
  16. LIC Greenmarket
  17. Maric Lanes
  18. Mundo
  19. Noguchi Sculpture Garden & Museum
  20. Papa's Empanadas
  21. Parisi Bakery
  22. Queens Film Festival
  23. Rizzo's Pizza
  24. Sunswick
  25. Socrates Sculpture Center and summer outdoor film series
  26. Tacos Mexico
  27. The Sparrow
  28. Uncle Louie G's Ice Cream
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Anonymous said...


Harry's beach bar? I guess that's not quite Astoria, but either is LIC Bar.

Unknown said...

the watertaxi beach is cool, but a little weird. it's worth checking out, no doubt about that.