Thursday, December 15, 2005

Astoria Weekend Edition 05.12.15

There's a few things you can squeeze in this weekend between your last minute holiday shopping. (Thank Gandalf, we don't live near Macy's!) Tonight, in cooperation with a gaming-related series at MMI, at 7:30 they'll be running The Warriors a New York gang flick complete with companion video game on display. It's worth mentioning that at noon on Saturday and Sunday, MMI will be running the critically-acclaimed and family-friendly Kirikou and the Sorceress. I'd rather see that, actually. It beats all that Disney crap going around.

Saturday, if you're still not done your shopping take advantage of the gentrification for once, and stroll down Vernon in Long Island City. You can even bike down there and avoid the strike/holiday shopping traffic. Then, thaw out from your shopping with one of four kinds of green tea plus other Tibetan goodies at the Himalayan Teahouse.

Sunday is a good day to stroll about Steinway and listen to the tacky Christmas music blasting from those speakers installed on the street lamps. But mostly, it's about lunching on a couple of slices at Rizzo's Pizza.

Finally, if you're reading this at home on dial-up, with the Katie Couric in the background 'cause there's a strike, please check out John's Guide to Surviving the Strike. It should be helpful. It better be, nobody knows QNS better than him.

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