Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Transit Strike: Updated

Several people have asked me if I know what we should be doing in the event of a transit strike. Well, probably nothing since it probably won't happen. But in case it does, here's what I'd say:

1) Put air in your tires. If you have a bike, you can always bike in. It's not that hard; I did it for years just for fun. But dress warm and in layers and maybe walk your bike over the 59th Street bridge. Perfect excuse to wear play clothes to the office. More info on biking into the City here.

2) I think that a lot of Queens busses are actually owned by a private bus company. Keep your eyes peeled, our busses might not be striking at all. There should be something in the local news about this.

3) There are many ferries going from QNS to Manhattan. Whether you walk, bike, or get a ride to them, they're another option.

4) See if you can telecommute. I'm a huge fan of this option, but I know it's just not available to most.

5) Make sure to check the City's site on this. It's confusing, but better than nothing. There are maps for carpooling locations here. One of them is by Astoria Park at 19th Street & Hoyt Av.

I'll let you know if I have any other brilliant ideas. Likewise, okay? Good luck!

Addendum: JR just sent me this so, no busses.


Anonymous said...

One idea that I've been pondering the past few days is using the internet to organize car pool options. Individuals with cars and those that need rides could get together locally via the internet.

Anonymous said...

Carpooling is a great idea. In event of strike, there will be places throughout Queens for people to meet drivers and form carpools. Astoria Park will have a carpool staging area.

Unfortunately, the private buses would be striking as well.

mia said...

I'm hoping to wait on the m60 per usual and jump in a car that needs more people all bay bridge style. the 59th bridge may have an option that way as well, especially with the no less than 4 people per car thing in midtown.
but yeah, totally unlikely.

Anonymous said...

i walked to work three times and hurt my foot!