Tuesday, December 06, 2005

QNS Bloggers Represent

I've never been much for meta-blogging - blogging about other blogs. But since I'm abandoning you all, I'd like to leave you in capable hands. There are *lots* of bloggers going around these days. Some of them really stink. But some don't. So I'll try and do a little round-up for you.

There aren't any other blogs about the neighborhood, religiously, but there are many hybrids, and there are several non-blog websites just about Astoria.

I'll start first with the food blogs. Far and away the best blogger in our neigborhood is BeXn. BeXnlog really writes about all food, but lives in Astoria and covers it now and then. It's fab. Also worthy, tho sporadic, is Savortooth. She's heavier on Astoria, but lighter on content in general. Roving Gastronome is sort of random in my opinion, but claims Astorianess. Also, accomplished flckrist Maura of mauradotcom has recently launched a nose for wine for you to wash those down with.

The most Astorian of the Astoria blogs is probably my pal Flooz at Gud Stuf NYC. She loves Astoria and she's hiper than I could ever dream of being. It gets pretty scrappy from there. There's Karenspuppy writing some weird teen drama type stuff. There's also this blog focusing on Ditmars, which appears to be both dead and confused in the use of various punctutation. Tough one. You're going to be sorry you skipped that day. Thisshowagain is an Astorian podcast who has a blog of thier show. It's fun.

Several newer Astorian blogs have cropped up very recently and are sort in the too new to review category, but seem worth a try. Some actually aren't that new, but like re-runs, are new to me. Astoria Life: New York Minutes doesn't seem to be about Astoria at all currently, but it is about life in New York and the author is Astorian and appears to occaisionally wander here. Also not distinctly Astorian, The Haps has very recently come on the scene, and appears to have a similar world view to me. So, that one looks promising, assumeing you like this site.

That's pretty much where the blogs end. There are several websites about Astoria. You all probably frequent astorians.net. And of course, it's no secret that I write for Queens.About.com. My buddy John does a nice job of keeping us posted with what's going down. My Astoria is sort of similar to astorians - less of a scene with a bit of content. There's also Forgotten Astoria - part of the forgotten NY circuit. This guy's into presvervation and all that. It's worth a read. And the Astoria flikr group which is really fun (founded by moi).

You're welcome to chime in about your own blogs, but enough with the soft-core porn site, k? We don't need to know if you're a loser - Astorian or not.


Anonymous said...

You forgot Roving G's hub at

Check out the lamb roast photos -- that's Astoria!

Unknown said...

ha! Fair enough. Thanks for the correction.

maura said...

my boyfriend has a blog, too:

beXn said...

aww thanks Joey!

Unknown said...

you're just born to blog! =)