Saturday, March 25, 2006


I posted earlier this week about Trader Joe's opening, as well as the Shake Shack, two fabulous non-Astoria places worth a trip to. Trader Joe's is a bit nuts right now with the crowds, but it is full of terrific stuff that is quite affordable. The staff is really good natured and the checkout lines move quickly. I got my dried apples and apricots - both unsulphored - for the muffins that I've been meaning to make (I'll let you know how they turn out). However, I am bummed that TJs has discontinued their Moroccan Tagine Sauce. Looks like I'll have to make my own. And a little Astorian bird told me that hamburgers at the Shake Shack are really amazing. They aren't huge, but are incredibly delicious. Even the tomato and lettuce were good. I may actually eat a hamburger there, the first real beef hamburger I'd be eating in 20 years - yes, I went vegetarian in 1986, kids. However, I am no longer. I'm also excited about trying their frozen custard.

And the response to my Mundo post is really getting me excited about trying it! Nice to see so many vegetarian options. Even though I am no longer a veg. I do enjoy the food, and cook vegetarian food primarily at home.

Maybe someone here can help me out - I am utterly in love with the bells played at the St. Irene Chrysovalantou Greek Orthodox Monastery on 23rd Ave and 37th Street. It's usually the same tones, but every once in a while the pitches change (and sometimes the rhythm). I'm assuming real people are striking these bells, too. Does anyone out there have insight on these bells? The bells are ringing right now, actually, and they have rung a total of three times this morning. Love it!

I often run down by Astoria Park, and have been watching the renovations on the old Eagle Electric Plant on the corner of 24th Avenue and 19th Street. This article talks about it. It's going to be a co-op (studios and 1-3 bedroom apartments) with shops on the first floor, as well as an underground parking garage. There's an earlier article from the year 2000 that says studios will run $90K and 3 bedrooms $275K . BWA HA! A more current estimate, at least for a 1 bedroom, is $375K.

An addition to this weekend's events outlined by our wonderful flooz: our fellow Joey Tamara is hosting a ginormous multi-family stoop sale this weekend. It sounds like there will be a lot of great stuff there, plus she's making hot cider and snacks for the event. Tamara is, as I understand, a fabulous cook and friend of Astoria's roving gastronome Zora, who writes often about her life in Astoria. The sale will be this Saturday and Sunday 10-4, at 30-85 30th Street. Check it out!


megc said...

Wow, the monastery bells have been ringing throughout the morning - much more than usual. I think I've heard them ring 7 times now. Wondering what's up, I went to the church's web page. It's their celebration of the Conception (The Annuciation of Theotokos). While I'm not an orthodox christian, I still find the liturgical year fascinating.

If you go to the web page of the monastery, you are met with sounds of orthodox chanting, which I find to be beautiful and different from western chant. A single voice over a vocal drone.

Zora said...

I used to live right next to that monastery, and the only people I ever saw go in there were so tiny and old that I can't imagine them ringing the bells.

Y'all are much more musically savvy than I, so I can't say I ever really noticed anything particular about the bells except that they rang a lot. Not in a bad way. I have no idea who's ringing them, but maybe it's some strapping young monk-in-training whom they never let out of the place.

megc said...

Thanks for the insight, Zora. Perhaps I just need to go over there and ask someone what's what with those bells. They've been ringing a bunch today, too! Perhaps it's a Lenten thing.

KevieJ said...

Thanks for the article about the Eagle Factory Ive been wondering and watching for awhile now...thanks for the info

Rebecca Bratspies said...


just wanted to ask you all to consider joining/supporting the Astoria Music Society. We just finished our fourth season in Astoria.

Our website is

Unknown said...

Hi Rebb -

The site's email address is joeyinastoria at gmail dot com. You can email us more information if you'd like to.