Monday, March 06, 2006

Wings at McCann's!

So friday night, a good 10 Astoria Eats players ran in from the cold for some hot wings at McCann's. And i must say- i was quite happy with them!

I think we got 6 or 7 platters of the generic "hot" ones. They were just right in heat for me. I know others were still hitting the tabasco, but for me-they were yummy! Juicy and meaty.A couple of drinks and a pool game or two later and we were all about the moonpies.
Oh yes...and Meg had never tried one before!
From the looks of it- she liked it!

Then we trotted off to Emack & Bolio's since they were still open. I had never been. What a treat to find that they came up with Grasshopper Pie ice cream!!!!! Grasshopper cookies in mint ice cream, heavenly! Ate it so fast that there wasn't time for pics sorry! If you haven't had the fun of eating ice cream while walking in 20 degree weather, go for it. Luckily waiting at the Freeze Peach was Jayme and a whole lotta caramel hot chocolates.... Friday night was definitley NOT a diet night.


megc said...

Holy crap, what a picture! :D

That moon pie was soooooo goooooood! The wings were tasty, too.

Laura Barger said...

Meg has clearly been possessed by a demon. One that feeds only upon moonpies. And also maybe her soul.

Anonymous said...

I love eating chicken wings.

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