Friday, December 22, 2006

Astorian Weekend Edition 22.12.06

Happy Holidays everyone! It's a big holiday weekend and I hope you are exactly where you want to be with regard to shopping, eating, and festivities. I know Astoria residents have been whoopin' it up with pre-holiday drinking parties, Festivus parties, and office parties in fabulous locations (I was invited to one at the Rainbow Room, which was quite nice). There's a lot going on this weekend, both holiday-oriented and not.

There are plenty of places have a Christmas eve dinner out (Sunday night), and a few places have found themselves on my radar: Mundo (8pm, $45), 718 (complete with a Chocolate Buche de Noel), and Koliba. All very different but I'm sure will be very fun and festive. Reservations required!

On Saturday, head over to Hell Gate Social for a screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas at 8pm. There's a happy hour from 7-9, too. Or, head to Waltz for holday fun, including nog and a movie. I'm told the yule log will be lit and there might be some spontaneous music-making.

And I've been told that there's gonna be free ice cream samples from 5 Boroughs Ice Cream at the new Bravo Supermarket on 34th Ave near 35th Street in Central Astoria. Stop by Saturday, 1-4pm and check it out. You might see me there! I've also been told that the new cafe Il Bambino on 31st Ave near 34th Street is pretty darn good in the food department, especially the mozarella & pesto panini. They have something called "warm maple milk", which sounds intriguing as well.

Hope you're having fun, whatever it is you're doing!


gstar said...

Correction! Il Bambino is actually located on 31 Avenue, in between 34th & 35th Streets. So far I have just sampled the coffee (which was tasty) and the staff was really nice.

megc said...

Thanks Gayle! I'll make the adjustment.