Monday, December 04, 2006

Like a Phoenix?

While walking along 31st Street near the Ditmars train station this morning, I saw that substantial work had been done where the McDonalds/TwinDonut/31 fire had been. I am very curious to see what goes in...hoping not another McDonalds, ugh. Or another 99cent store or nail salon. Has anyone else seen this work being done, too? Or know what's going to be in that space?


megc said...

Nice coffee shop around the corner and down: Freeze Peach!

Sweet brunch spot sounds nice.

megc said...

Freeze Peach is a great place and I love it. I live down in the 37th Street vicinity, and don't find it too far. Waltz isn't really much farther, either, and it's probably more in the "cute" realm that you're thinking about. There's Tutakhamun on Ditmars near 27th/28th, too, but I haven't checked it out.

I love Igloo, too. It's more of a coffee shop/diner than a cafe (which is what FP is). The food is good, and they have desserts and ice cream.

Have you tried Wassi on 28th Ave and 38th Street?

Anonymous said...

I asked the woman at the veggie shop next door, and she didn't know either. I'm rooting for....small, dusty bookstore, with resident cat. But I think it'll be another McDonald's.