Friday, April 20, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 20.04.07

It should be Earth Day every day. Since it's not, let's celebrate it this weekend! Saturday go enjoy the break in the rain by cheering on the Astorian contingent of NY Cares! Meg and myself along with another dozen or so merry makers will be working on beautifying our lovely nabe. I will not turn you away if you feel like getting down and dirty in the mud with us ;)

Looks like it may get a little crowded too since Waterfront Parks people are joining in on the fun. Nah, there's room for everyone!

Working hard all day builds up an appetite: have some hearty Portuguese grub. New in the hood is Arcos and I'm oh-so-excited about the menu.

Sunday looks to be an outdoorsy kind of day too, finish off the green weekend participating or donating to the MS Walk. I'll be walking in NJ for my best friend but there are locations everywhere! Your closest one will be the South Street Seaport- not a bad view at all!

If you're staying local and over by the park, why not sit outside and enjoy the delicious offerings of Agnanti?! It's one of my favorite Greek restaurants ever. Now's the time if you've never been.

Web wise: Check in on the Hellgate CSA peeps and see what's going to be available for you this season. Great new goodies for all!

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