Friday, April 06, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 06.04.07

Hooray for funky new shops opening up near home! If you missed Site's grand opening yesterday, it's no problem: stop in Friday and welcome them with some shopping action. They are setting up shop in the south side of town, 35-11 34th Ave which is also very cool. Their myspace says they are into "well designed objects, vintage must haves, retro fabrics, yellow, glitter, bling, oh-la-la, stripes and polka dots, femme ornament, high gloss shine, edison bulbs, pretty little feathers, lightning, gemstones, cupcakes, periwinkle and purple, hot off the press art, nature, science, and the whole big bang." Fit what you're looking for?

Being around the corner from Cafe Bar (32-90 36th St) makes it oh so easy to stop there afterwards for a nosh, go crepe crazy!

Seems like forever since I've stopped in to Crescent Lounge (32-05 Crescent St.). Saturday night (and most other nights too) from 5-8 daily they have all kinds of drink specials!
Gotta love Rizzo's, and since I'm reminiscing about Crescent- might as well pay them a visit too. After all the happy hour action, grab a deal with 2 slices and a coke (used to be $5 way back when, lets see if it's still a bargain!)

If you want to spend the day outside with all the spring in the air, dust off your Japanese skills and take in a free tour of the Noguchi Museum (9-01 33rd Road @ Vernon). It's free with admission, but remember- it will be in Japanese! For tour info and all the other goodies from them, stop in or check

No egg hunts or bunny visits for you?
Be happy anyways! First we had Tuesday nights with Matt Taylor at Waltz, now the chuckles will be coming to Stini Yiamas (35-03 Ditmars Blvd) on Sunday nights! Easter Sunday at 9pm, let the comedic stylings of our very own sidewalk chalker keep you entertained. Stay later and enjoy the after party with Matt as the DJ!

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cameitak said...

Hey y'all!! I'm so glad you covered SITE...and I'm so happy to be finally open. Here is our "official" website:

Come in and visit! 12-8 everyday but Mondays.....