Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dutch Kills in the News

The Times has a recent article, Thinking Big at a Time Others Are Thinking Small, regarding the call from some Dutch Kills residents for upzoning instead of downzoning, a subject that is talked so much about these days when it comes to the bugaboo of overdevelopment. Some feel that if development doesn't come to Dutch Kills, "the neighborhood will atrophy and die." For those not in the know, Dutch Kills is in northern LIC, its southern border pretty much at the Queensboro Bridge.

[Sidebar: do you call it the Queensboro Bridge or the 59th Street Bridge?]

LICNYC also brings the article to light.

Anyway, read the article, make up your mind. I don't know Dutch Kills very well, but the article makes me want to explore it and see their mix of residential and industrial use.

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Marcos said...

Speaking of community issues...

City's Toxic Burden Shifts to Queens, Data Show

BY MIKE McPHATE - Staff Reporter of the Sun
April 12, 2007