Thursday, April 26, 2007

Greenmarket! Greenmarket!

So, about a month ago, a group of concerned Astoria residents met with representatives from the Council on the Environment of NYC (CENYC, for short - they oversee most of the greenmarkets in the five boroughs) to discuss the possbility of bringing a greenmarket to Astoria. I mean, there's a litty itty bitty one down near Ravenswood, but it's way out of the way for most Astoria residents. One of the issues that came up was where the greenmarket could be held, and after much discussion, we settled on Athens Square Park (30th Avenue near 30th Street).

Now, part of the process is going to the Community Board and stating our case for the greenmarket in this space. And this is where you come in! If you support the idea of a greenmarket in Astoria - a source of fresh, locally grown, organic produce, cheese, bread, and the like - please sign the petition before May 1! As I see it, this can only enhance life in Astoria. Thumbs up!

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