Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More About Your Neighborhood

John at has another take on neighborhoods in Western Queens. I like that fact that he includes Dutch Kills, my new nabe of intrigue:

Dutch Kills
An old neighborhood, one of the first Dutch settlements on Long Island, Dutch Kills is north of Queens Plaza, between Queensbridge/Ravenswood and the Sunnyside Rail Yards. As realtors seek to cash in on Astoria's popularity, Dutch Kills addresses become known in the classifieds as "Astoria/Long Island City." The neighborhood is a mix of residential and industrial. Low rents predominate, but dilapidated blocks and lonely stretches make it a Long Island City frontier, despite great access to the N and W subways.

Fame: The Fisher Landau Center for Art is a private collection of contemporary American art.

And then there's Blissville (a little far, but I love the name)!

Ah Blissville! Despite such a great name, the actual neighborhood is sure to disappoint. It's a small area south of the LIE, next to Cavalry Cemetery and Newtown Creek, with a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Blissville is named for mid-nineteenth century Greenpoint developer Neziah Bliss, and it continues its strong ties to Greenpoint, just over the JJ Byrne Memorial Bridge in Brooklyn.

Fame: The tombstones and chapel in Cavalry Cemetery are glorious. Newtown Creek should be famous, but is sadly just polluted.

Thanks, John!

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