Sunday, April 29, 2007


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Spent some time in southern Astoria today, going to a movie and then stopping into Sunswick for a drink and a snack afterwards. I've had some off-times there with the service, but today things were great. I think partially because there werent many people in there on a Sunday afternoon. Had a drink and some guac and chips (yum), enjoyed watching part of the Yankee game, and had a terrific time overall. They have some of the best beer selections in town, too (I had the Sierra Nevada Summer Ale). And look at all the fun stuff they do during the week! I'll be back.


The Mayor said...

I live in Astoria, and im wondering how I can contact Joey or someone at JIA via email....
or please, email me at jf2180@gmail


Anonymous said...

Sunswick gets negative votes from me. I've never had good service there and the food isn't good enough to ignore that (like at Cafe Bar) and whenever I've order from there, I haven't gotten what I ordered.

It's been about a year since I've tried it. Has it turned around? Maybe I'll try it again.

Unknown said...

I always like that they had like 30 beers on tap and they usually have pretty good music.

megc said...

Music was really good last weekend, and it was easy to peer over the bar and see what they were playing on their iTunes. The Yanks stank, but...ok, that's a different post. It's a sad state of affairs.

Yes, I've had CRAP service there before. I went in with some friends one early evening and the bartendress was doing shots with some troggy guys, totally ignoring us. We left. For CUP.

Maybe it's hit or miss. If they didn't have the hot taps, I'd totally write them off. But they have such a great beer selecion on tap, and I like a lot of the food, so I'll try them from time to time. Right now they are in the "hit" column.

Maybe they should know we're talking about our bad experiences there - maybe they'd be more apt to keep things consistent!