Friday, December 09, 2005

What an intro!

I feel like maybe i need to introduce myself now that Joey has left such a lofty title as "queens of astoria" in the air!
Here's me and my crown...

YES, it's real. You have no idea how many times i get asked that!
Feel free to stop me on the street and give me a high five, i love those! I don't know why people don't do that anymore?

But no seriously, i am very happy to be joining the "joey's in astoria" -keeping the best local blog alive. MegC is also a great bearer of all things Astoria, so i'm sure there will be tons o'surprises coming at us from that one. I haven't yet had the priviledge of meeting the 3rd nut in this cast, Tamara-but i am sure i will sonner then later!
I can honestly say that Joey (our founder and original) will be sorely missed :( But our loss is another hoods gain. She will i'm sure keep popping in here with tidbits here and there, maybe even becoming our first correspondent or something! AWESOME!

Thats enough out of me.

OK peeps, you've got your weekend edition set up before you, now go out and have a slushingly good time. Tune in next week for more Astoria fun!!!


Unknown said...

Nice headshot!

Unknown said...

what a freak. i'm missing mrs. cheese already :(