Friday, April 13, 2007

Astorian Weekend Edition 13.04.07

[this edition highlights both Astoria and Astorians...]

Did you know that Saturday, April 14 is the National Day of Climate Action? Indeed it is. Step It Up is putting together numerous actions around the country, and NYC is contributing the Sea of People action, noon on Saturday (more here). Why do I mention it? Our own Joey is gonna be part of it!

This whole weekend will be rainy, which is great weather to say inside and relax. Maybe go see a movie (and catch some cool demonstrations while you're there) Or tweet with your friends. Maybe finally sign up for the local CSA season.

If you feel like venturing out - perhaps a to take a break from your taxes - P.S.1 presents Sarah Sze for a gallery talk about her work on Saturday at 3:00 pm. At the Noguchi, you can catch the end of Shin Banraisha: A Cultural Memory. For more cultural stimulation, the Lost Dog Music Ensemble, Astoria's premiere new music group, is playing a concert. It's at Tenri, but the group is comprised of lots of Astoria musicians.

If you happen to be dining at Mundo this weekend, take a look at the walls where you'll find paintings by local Queens artist Kenneth Yee. I love places in town that show art! Other great places to see art while eating/drinking are Fatty's, Freezepeach, and while there's no local art up on the walls, I love the decor at Cafe Bar. And on the subject of cafes, I've heard that Cafe Henri (1010 50th Ave. in LIC) has broadened their menu and improved a whole bunch of things there. Check it out!

And I can't forget to mention the Greek Independence Parade this Sunday! I'm sure many of my Greek neighbors will be on 5th Ave that afternoon. It starts at 1pm, but will be shown on FOX, 1:30-3:30pm.

More fun, here.


ruedaminute said...

Michael Angelo's on 23rd Avenue!

Hey there, I check out your blog regularly and tonite me and my boyfriend just stopped in to Michael Angelo's. You've mentioned on here before that they have a great slice, but tonite I decided to try their special, truffle ravioli on portabello on a whim... it was RIDICULOUSLY good, I couldnt believe it, since it looks like your standard corner pizza place. The special was $18 and I would have paid $30 for that dish, easy. The house cab sucks, but who cares? Anyway I want to recommend it as a place worthy of a thorough review. I was literally astounded tonite.

Keep up the awesome guide to astoria. We moved here a year ago and have found it so useful... Astoria just plain rocks.

megc said...

Hey Michelle - I was just at Michael Angelo's this weekend! Had a slice and some of the meatball calzone, which was fantastic. Have been meaning to try the dishes beyond their slices, so hope to do so soon. Thanks for the tip on the specials - I'll look out for them (didn't realize they had specials!).

Thanks for reading the blog and giving us feedback/suggestions. We really appreciate it!


ruedaminute said...

Hey Meg,

Just wanna be clear it's michael angelo's II on 23rd st... Also, the other night we went into Go Wasabi on Ditmars. It isnt my bag of tea sushi-wise (I like to keep it simple), but we saw some korean items on their menu and decided to check them out... pretty good! We had the bulgogi dinner and then the less-impressive but still tasty bibimbap. And the kimchi was a bit young but very good. Anyways, who knew that there was korean at Go Wasabi? just to let you know.


megc said...

Michael Angelo's II near the Omega Wines, yes? It's on 23rd Ave.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Sea of People was awesome!